The plant on my desk is dying and I decided to paint it before it's gone. Good service, Plant, thank you!
By rough calculations, it costs me ~2£ per visitor to run this site. I have no analytics, and I've tried to support as many cases as possible. Please, watch the video below:
Hey, my name is Alexander Vilinskyy. I designed apps like Grammarly, Spark, and Documents that became a benchmark for productivity tools.

I'm hands-on creative and multi-founder. I design digital products, sustainable businesses, powerful brands and creative teams. I feel comfortable designing interfaces, hiring, writing and presenting in startup environment.

In 2023 I'm focused on building my own products, advising early-stage startups, and exploring future of work and communication.

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AppS I worked On
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Mobile travel assistant to travel in Ukrainian National Railway.
Documents and PDF Expert
Power-up for iPhones and iPads.
Edit PDF, edit video, sync clouds.
Spark for iOS
Client to manage your personal and professional emails on the go!
Spark for macOS
Professional tool to manage emails, delegate and collaborate on them!
Visual Design
I'm very practical designer. I enjoy tackling the details, spend an hour on a hover state, manipulate gradients at least 20 times before approving them.

This is a superpower I have to use to override all ugliness in the world.
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Special Projects
London Design Studio
My super product studio. We make beautiful, fast apps and websites for early-stage startups.
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Graphics for Startups
Small studio focused on graphics for startups: producthunt gifs, appstore screenshots and fonts.
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Notable Achievements
Productivity, web3 based application.
Welcome video
I was super embarrassed to record a video below. But I know that video creates a better emotional connection and I expect, that you will feel that I'm friendly person, that wants to meet in real life and have a coffee. Hopefully it will work 🤞
Exceptional Talent by Tech Nation
I received a Global Talent visa by proving my digital innovation. Now I build businesses in the UK.
Mentor on ADPList
I mentored more than 50 designers, helped them grow in their job and build a successful and influential career.
I screenshotted you
Dream List
Win exceptional talent
Start a company
Open design studio
Move to UK
Earn master's degree
Drive Porsche 911
Work at unicorn
Run a podcast
Overcome depression
Start newsletter
Give talk to 500 people
Learn 10 crafts
Donate $32'000
Open dream list
Stephen Fry used my app
Meet 2000 founders
Restore church/castle
Open a workspace
Design new OS
Build a village
Invest in 10 startups
Design physical object
Send item to space
Meet you