Alexander Vilinskyy
designer,‎ founder,‎ inventor

I contributed to apps like Grammarly, Spark, and Documents that became a benchmark for productivity tools. In 2024 I'm running design studio Super Clear for AI-powered startups, building my own products, and researching future of work.

I design digital products, sustainable businesses, powerful brands and creative teams. I believe that by improving communication, we will unlock next quadrillion in economy.

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What people say about my work

When I'm hired by founders, they receive a bundle of my "features": workbooks of progress, team management, creative direction, and zoom jokes.

Alexander's collaborative and direct leadership style drive focus on what matters, especially in fast-paced and early stage environments. Building alongside Alex is a joy.

Kelly McEttrick, Co-Founder at Decipad

Alexander is a highly empathetic and impactful product thinker. He pushes what’s best for the user, his process cuts through ambiguity, and his designs are highly effective.

Renato Valdés Olmos, Head of Design at Grammarly

Alex is one of the most professional and talented designers I've ever known. His communication skills and out of the box thinking inspire the team to achieve higher results together.

Eugene Plokhoj, Head of Product at Readdle

What people say about my management

I build creative teams to create world-class product and design. I made dozens of great hires, who delivered the project to 100% and stayed within their teams for years.

Alexander has built clear, transparent process compared to all other jobs I had. I had a space for freedom, opportunities, creativity, and rare trust on multiple projects that we finished together.

Kolom, Motion Design at Super Clear

The creative process by Alexander made him the best design manager I ever worked with and his creative direction is unique. He rapidly gets all aspects and helps you exceed your own expectations.

Dmytro, Concept Design at Super Clear

I was hired by Alexander and no one came close to his level of empathy, clarity and support. I could always rely on his judgement and make sure I was safe making bold decisions and get his support.

Anna, Design Lead at Decipad

Past dreams

Win "Exceptional Talent"
Launch design studio
Move to UK
Earn Master's degree
Buy Porsche 911
Work at unicorn
Overcome depression
Give talk to 500 people
Donate £35'000
Meet 3000 founders
Invest in 10 startups
Design new OS
Design a font
Design physical object
Do you have an idea that doesn't let you sleep?
Let’s discuss how you can shape it, build it and launch it!
Let’s Talk!
Coming soon...
Community for the most passionate founders worldwide
Coming soon...
Social Network without "follow" button
Coming soon...
VR experience with a philosophy/architecture twist
Coming soon...
Productivity tool for busy people with 40 meetings per week
Designed social productivity experiment to bring communities tighter together through common habits.
Redesigned and scaled mobile travel assistant for Ukraine, resulted in 40× revenue to compete with desktop.
Designed small concepts for the iconic tutorial website. Started to love those illustrations.
Designed product roadmap, design and brand for the consumer audio manipulation AI startup on a worldwide scale.
Designed product and brand design to challenge decades of construction industry process with Artificial Intelligence.
Lead company design and communications to explore numbers in narrative to help people with economic decisions.
Designed concepts for the future of professional and collaborative email flows.
Client to manage your personal and professional emails on the go!
Designed system power-ups for iOS, iPadOS, macOS. Worked on hundreds of features such as media players, VPN, PDF, etc.
Designed all mobile apps, keyboards, mobile extensions and hundreds of features like Assistant, Smart Suggestions etc.
Visual Design
I'm very practical designer. I enjoy tackling the details, spend an hour on a hover state, manipulate gradients at least 20 times before approving them.

This is a superpower I have to use to override all ugliness in the world.
Visit Visuals page to see more.

Next goals

Build £100M business
Open workspace in London
Send item to space
Restore church or castle
Write me if you can help with any of these. Any connections, resources, or time together will push me 1 meter (3 feet 3.37 inches) forward!
Productivity, web3 based application.
Welcome video
I was super embarrassed to record a video below. But I know that video creates a better emotional connection and I expect, that you will feel that I'm friendly person, that wants to meet in real life and have a coffee. Hopefully it will work 🤞
Notable Achievements
Exceptional Talent by Tech Nation
I received a Global Talent visa by proving my digital innovation. Now I build businesses in the UK.
Mentor on ADPList
I mentored more than 50 designers, helped them grow in their job and build a successful and influential career.

Side projects


‍Everyone should build a network that will improve their business.
Price: $1199

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Loom Roast

Get a free feedback on your startup/website/design/portfolio.

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AI-Native Software

Exploring the reasons of poor software, that wasn't accommodated to non-deterministic AI outputs.


Future of Work Research

Exploring why modern job market is missing incentives and invisibly struggling from scaling efficiently.


Social Network without "Follow"-button

Exploring what does modern social networks mean, especially for those who are not actively participating in them.

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