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Meet thousands of people without being "extraverted superstar".
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Hey, my name is Alexander Vilinskyy. I'm designer, founder, investor and I run multiple ventures. And I'm NOT networking expert, but I figured it out.

I moved to London for personal reasons and knew 0 people here. I didn't have money, networks or friends. In one year I've met 1000 people, who helped me kickstart multiple businesses, get clients, hire new talents, and build a fulfilling life.

I believe my network is more important than any other asset I own. My network has thousands of resourceful people who helped me tremendously in almost every personal or professional venture.

In 2024 networking is still poorly marketed: people follow bad advice like "attend events", instead of building deep, rewarding relationships on scale. I want to bridge the gap and highlight unpopular tips and tricks.

🖤 No refunds. Sorry. If you share videos from inside, I will use people with grey hair to sue you under English and International law.

Dozens of videos. Recording took such a long time, that it has different background, haircuts and lighting. Best content. Zero consistency.
60+ videos with tips
Building network from literally zero
Finding unfair advantages
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